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Credit to Start Your Business

Would you like to finance your coaching and training? Get funds for those tight months? Funds for deposits and rehabs?
Who is this for? You if you fit any of the criteria below:

  • Seeking “unsecured” capital for your biz
  • Seeking $25,000 minimum
  • No more than 3 late payments in last 2 years on your credit
  • No more than 3 derogatory accounts including:
    Charge offs
  • Household income of $35,000 or more

Credit Lending for Real Estate Investors

Click here to see a list of requirements for credit lending

Marketing & Business Growth

Automated Marketing


Use the CRM (automated marketing system) Chris and his team uses for all automated communication with buyers and sellers via data bases, auto responders (emails) – complete automation.

Asset Protection

OK you are building wealth, NOW PROTECT IT. Chris learned the hard way when the market changed in 2007 and hired Lee and his team to learn how to protect things and organize things from a personal and business level.

Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth By Lee Phillips
the Asset Protection Attorney


IRA Protection

Invest in your IRA for as little as $100. Once you learn how to solve your monthly cash flow issues, it’s time to parlay enormous amounts of cash tax free in your IRA.

How To Get Rich in Your IRA and Never Pay Taxes




Does Your Credit Need Repairing?

Get set up with the company Chris and team sends 95% of their buyers through. This will not only get your buyers to the finish line, but will also protect you. Many students use this service for themselves as well!

use the promo code: prefo

Business man build credit score rating up

Need a More Aggressive Credit Repair Attorney?

If you have clients with public records in their report (judgements, liens, etc.) or just real real bad credit, this service will help.
Contact Henly at and Use the Coupon Code: PREFO or Tell Them Chris Prefontaine at Pre Property Solutions Sent You.

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